Corporate Responsibility

In accordance with our corporate values, our company has always been committed to good corporate citizenship.  Our approach to corporate responsibility includes a commitment to environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices as well as general support for our local community.


Environmental Responsibility/Sustainability

In order to provide a framework for defining environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices, for setting performance objectives, and for measuring performance against these objectives, our company will be establishing an Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS is implemented by a dedicated team of employees and overseen by our’s senior management. EMS team will be responsible for reducing the company’s impact upon the environment through implementation of the following initiatives:


•Energy use monitoring and efficiency improvements

•Carbon footprint measurement and reporting

•Corporate waste reduction and recycling programs

•Green purchasing program


In accordance with EMS requirements, our company will prepare and publishes an annual report that covers EMS objectives and corporate performance against these objectives as well as disclosure of regulatory incidents and corrective actions, if any. 

Community Support

Our has regularly sought opportunities to share corporate success with the local community. This has included monetary and in-kind support (IT support, use of training facilities, etc.) for local human services agencies, local arts agencies, and local and regional business development organizations.