As an IT solutions provider with more than 15 years of experience, OCT has developed a wealth of expertise across a wide range of technologies. In order to best serve our customers, OCT has focused our efforts on delivering expertise and superior service utilizing the latest tools from a carefully selected set of technologies, including:
  • Microsoft
  • Open Source
  • ERP
  • IBM
OCT maintains operational capacity in these technologies across the full range of solutions we provide to our customers. In selecting the appropriate technology for a specific solution, OCT is capable of working with any of these technologies as required by our customers or OCT can recommend an appropriate technology based upon analysis of customer requirements. IIC ensures that our solutions leverage leading edge capabilities within each of the selected technologies through regular training (including certifications) of our technology-focused solution teams and through our technology partnerships with leading technology providers, including Microsoft (Gold Certified Partner), Oracle (Partner Program), and IBM (Certified for e-Business Partner). OCT/OCTT will continue to add to the range of technologies we support as we enhance our solutions capabilities and industry experience. To learn more about the specific IT solutions OCT  can provide for each of the technologies we specialize in, please select one of the technology links in the menu above.