Small/Midsized Business

IT Solutions That Fit Your Size and Enable You to Grow

IIC has been serving the small to mid-sized business market since our founding over 20 years ago. IIC understands that small and mid-sized business often share the IT needs of large businesses, but may not have the resources to fulfill them effectively. IIC has developed an extensive set of IT solutions designed with the needs and the resources of small and mid-sized businesses in mind. For small businesses with limited IT budgets, IIC offers the guidance and expertise required to design IT solutions that are robust, cost-effective, and scalable to grow with your business. For mid-sized businesses facing IT management challenges, IIC offers solutions that address specific application development and integration issues while supporting growth/capacity management needs.
  • IT Staffing: IIC provides IT staffing solutions to small and midsized businesses to help meet needs ranging from short duration consulting engagements to rapid project ramp-up and temporary or long-term capacity supplementation. IIC has access to a deep pool of technical resources with experience in most major IT technologies to fulfill supplemental staffing requirements.
  • Custom Software Development: IIC provides a range of custom software development solutions designed for the needs of small and midsized businesses. IIC’s custom software solutions include custom development to meet specific business requirements, application modernization to leverage existing legacy applications, application customization to adapt commercial software to specific business requirements, and application integration services to enable existing applications to work together seamlessly. 
  • IT Infrastructure Services: IIC offers a full range of IT infrastructure solutions that include managed services and application, data, and equipment hosting. IIC’s managed services free small and midsized businesses from the responsibility and hassle of supporting their own IT systems. IIC’s hosting services enable small and midsized business to achieve greater efficiency by providing systems leasing/subscription models that range from shared equipment hosting to Software as a Service (SaaS). IIC’s infrastructure services enable small and midsized businesses to better manage costs by shifting IT infrastructure support from a variable to a fixed cost.
  • BPO/Call Center Services: IIC offers a full range of business process outsourcing (BPO) solutions as well as inbound and outbound call center services. IIC’s BPO services enable small and midsized businesses to outsource non-core functions (e.g., payroll/accounting) to better focus on core their core business. IIC’s call center services can be used to support outbound sales campaigns to help sustain business growth or to provide inbound customer support/help desk services to build customer loyalty.
IIC supports a full range of IT platforms and solutions, including:
  • Microsoft
  • Open Source
  • IBM
  • ERP