Delivering Solutions Across the Network Spectrum

IIC has more than 14 years experience delivering effective solutions to our customers in the telecommunications industry. IIC’s telecommunications domain team includes more than 300 IT professionals with telecommunications, data communications, and system software expertise across a wide range of proprietary, real-time, and networking platforms. Our specialists provide software design, development, and implementation services for wireline, wireless, optical, data, voice switching, and mobile networks. IIC counts most major telecommunications providers among our base of satisfied customers.
IIC provides Senior Business Analysts, Project Managers, Industry Experts, Application Developers, and Operations Specialists with specific expertise in the following telecommunications domains:
  • Wireless Networks: Protocol Development (WiFi, Wireless PAN systems, GPRS, CDMA), Network Management Software Development, Protocol Test Suites Development
  • Optical Networks: SONET, SDH, WDM, OAM&P, Network Management, Verification & Validation
  • Data Networks: ATM, Frame Relay, TCP/IP, Firmware / Embedded Software Development, SNMP, SLIP, ICMP, RIP, PPP Implementations for TCP/IP Stack, QoS Applications
  • Voice Networks: Voice over Packet (VoIP) Networks, Intelligent Networks (AIN, NGN), Media Gateway Controllers (MGCP, SIP-T), Public & Enterprise Switching Systems
  • Network Management: TMN Compliant Solutions, PBX Systems, CO Switches, ATM Switches, SONET/SDH, Wireless Elements, SNMP, CMIP, TL1, LDAP, COPS, MPLS, CORBA-SNMP, CORBA-CMIP, CORBA-TL1, Gateways, Unix, Windows NT, VxWorks, pSOS, C, C++, MFC/Visual C++, Java, XML, Perl
  • Customer Care and Billing: Package Selection, Gap and Fitment Analysis, Package Implementation and Testing
IIC delivers telecommunications solutions in a variety of modes including:
  • SOW-based custom development: IIC managed or customer managed
  • IT Staffing: supplemental staffing or project team deployment (onsite/offsite)