Custom Development

Creating Applications That Satisfy Customer-Specific Requirements


OCT’s custom software development services are designed to help our customers address specific solution needs that are not addressed out-of-the-box by software tools, applications, or platforms available in the marketplace. Whether the need for a custom software solution is due to unique feature and functionality requirements, interoperability issues with existing systems, cost concerns, or the need to automate unique or proprietary business processes, OCT is capable of providing custom software solutions that address our customers’ specific requirements.
Although Office CompTech, Inc. (OCT) is capable of delivering custom software solutions using a wide range of development tools and technology platforms, the company has focused on developing specialized delivery expertise in Microsoft and Open Source technologies. Our focus on these technologies has enabled Office Computech, Inc. to leverage our technical assets while offering our customers maximum flexibility in designing solutions that meet their needs for functionality, scalability, reliability, and cost.
To provide our customers with additional flexibility in selecting a customized solution that meets their needs, IIC is capable of providing custom development services at customer locations or through either our domestic software development center located in Poughkeepsie, New York or our offshore facility located in Hyderabad, India. OCT’s software development centers are fully staffed and equipped to provide leading edge solutions to our customers. OCT has a long history of successfully managing custom software development projects onshore, offshore, and jointly between our delivery centers.
OCT’s custom software development services are delivered in accordance with industry best practices for technical development and project management in the context of a robust quality management system that governs the entire development lifecycle. OCT’s development process supports a range of methodologies from the traditional “waterfall” model to advanced techniques such as agile development. Depending upon project constraints and customer needs, OCT is capable of delivering custom software services on either a fixed price or a time and materials basis.