Delivery Capacity

Proven Methodologies to Optimize Service Delivery
IIC has built our BPO/call center delivery capacity around proven methodologies designed to optimize performance on behalf of our customers. IIC’s BPO/call center delivery capacity is built around the following key elements:
  • Delivery Methodology: IIC’s proven methodology for delivering BPO/call center services consists of six phases:
  1. Discovery: IIC works with the customer to understand existing processes as well as specific service requirements and constraints.
  2. Planning: IIC’s experts work with the customer to plan service transition. This planning includes all staffing and infrastructure requirements.
  3. Design: IIC’s experts execute the transition plan to ensure personnel are trained and systems are developed as required for implementation.
  4. Testing: The service is tested to ensure processes are executed in accordance with customer requirements prior to live launch.
  5. Launch: Upon completion of testing, the service is deployed into production.
  6. Steady State: IIC manages the service to ensure that customer SLAs and other requirements are met; the service is adjusted in response to changes in the business environment, as required by the customer; and performance metrics are promptly reported to the customer.
  • Infrastructure: IIC’s BPO/call center services are delivered via our dedicated offshore delivery center. IIC’s delivery center features robust infrastructure, including redundant communication links, state-of-the-art systems, an advanced multichannel dialer featuring skills-based routing, and stringent security systems. IIC’s delivery center is currently configured to accommodate up to 3000 agents. IIC is capable of handling inbound and outbound communications via telephone, e-mail, and chat. IIC can provide toll-free number availability, as required.
  • Quality: IIC’s BPO/call center is ISO 9001:2008 certified indicating that quality management processes meet the highest international standards. IIC’s quality management system is focused on defined processes, performance measurement, and continual process improvement.
  • Data Security: IIC takes the security of our customers’ confidential information extremely seriously. IIC has implemented stringent security measures to ensure that customer information remains well-protected when it is under our care.  IIC is currently in the process of certifying our security measures to the ISO 27001 standard for information security. IIC’s security measures include:
  • Facility - 24x7 security monitoring, multiple automated alarm systems and badge/lock access.
  • Communications – Password-based access to corporate systems and networks; firewall protection and intrusion detection for network/servers; and industry standard encryption for data transfer
  • Personnel - Mandatory Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Agreements and background checks for every employee