Value-Added Services That Deliver Superior Results
Our firm has developed the process expertise, domain knowledge, and talented staff required to provide world-class BPO/call center solutions that enable our customers to confidently outsource their non-core business processes to us. OCT/OCTT’s BPO/call center expertise includes sales and marketing support, customer service support (including order management), general accounting, human resources management, and document management. OCT/OCTT’s BPO/call center services help our customers to manage their costs more effectively while focusing their attention on their core businesses.
Our company is committed to delivering high quality services and world class customer service. OCT/OCTT’s BPO/call center services are available 24x7x365 and are easily scalable to meet changing business requirements. OCT/OCTT’s specific BPO/call center services include:
  • Sales/Marketing Support – OCT/OCTT helps our customers achieve their sales and marketing objectives by enhancing the customer experience through fast response times, high accuracy, and guided selling. Sales/marketing support services include:
o   Sales/Order Inquiries
o   Order Processing/Fulfillment
o   Overflow Call Service
o   Fundraising
o   Lead Generation
o   Surveys
  • Customer Service – OCT/OCTT offers end-to-end customer service solutions that enhance customer interactions and deliver improved loyalty. Customer service solutions include:
o   Order Management
o   Appointment Setting
o   Help Desk Support
  • Accounting – OCT/OCTT’s finance and accounting practice brings together experienced financial specialists with extensive domain expertise and a keen understanding of account practices to deliver outsourcing solutions that are dependable, quality-focused and cost-effective. Accounting solutions include:
o   Procure-To-Pay Processing:
1. Vendor Management
2. Invoice Processing
3. Problem Resolution
4. T&E Processing
o   Order-To-Cash Processing:
1. Credit Analysis
2. Billing
3. Collections
4. General Ledger Posting & Reporting
  • Human Resources Management – OCT/OCTT provides a comprehensive suite of human resources management services that covers the entire hiring cycle from candidate sourcing/recruiting through screening, on-boarding, and post-employment support. Human resources management services include:
o   HR Services:
1. Payroll Services
2. Benefits Administration
3. Employee Administration
4.  Record Management
o   Recruitment Services                              
o   E-Learning Services
  • Document Management – OCT/OCTT supports document processing, digitization, storage, and retrieval needs. Services include:
o   Mail Room
o   Scanning and Indexing
o   Data Entry
o   Image Storage and Retrieval
  • Intellectual Property Rights Management – OCT/OCTT provides rights management and monitoring services for patents, trademarks, and copyrights.